Ea­sy Browns Frog Bit
Dream­cast Night­ma­re Cat and Mou­se
Mo­ney Splits I Don't Wan­na Be Ti­ny
Bil­liam Kinks Pa­nic At­tack
Power Pants F.T.G
Be­ta Má­xi­mo. De­se­os In­du­ci­dos
Todd Brief­ly Maps
Sau­cer­men Blitz­krieg Cop
Cy­borg 1-12 Tar­get Earth
Klint Bac­te­ri­um
Pri­son Af­fair Escrí­be­lo con sang­re
Beer Amour Fou
Ver­güen­za Aaa

The Stools Bad Eye Bob
Puf­fer Iron Hand
The Go­vern­ment Fight the Ti­de
Ly­s­ol Pad­ded Cell
De­s­troy All Gon­do­las De­ath By Ham­bur­ger
Gū­ta­ra Kyō Re­vol­ving Hell
Glass Pra­xis In­no­cence
Go­ril­la Men We're Not Stu­pid
Im­plo­ders De­te­rio­ra­ting World
Weak Pul­se Chain Ja­il
Their Was­te Can Be Of Use He­re
Hot Earth Bree­ding An­o­ther Di­se­a­se
Spi­der Bi­te Splat­ter Test

Mr. Shrimp Fan­cy Car
The Toads Na­tio­nals­ville
So­cie­ty Neo
Thee Khai Aehm Hall
Hell­co Alarm Clock Hell
¿Wat­ches? Oys­ter in a Box
Not­hing­heads Beam En­gi­ne
Bo Gritz Chop­ped
Ko­ri­dor Keno­taf
Man­ta­ro­chen Por­zel­lan
Per­fect Ac­tress Dream

Tro­pi­ca­na Co­no­co
Bughunt Clea­ning Wi­th Fire
Spleen Sans Es­poir
Mo­tor­bike Off I Sped
Pri­o­rs Se­pa­ra­ti­on An­xie­ty
The Chi­ves Plea­sant Val­ley Sun­day
The Was­te­men The Pain­ter
The Ma­ry Veils Nice and Ea­sy
The Mis­an­thro­pes All Is New
Th Da Freak Say Say