Blood Coo­kie Fo­rest Witch
Ad­he­si­ve Stay­in Bu­sy
Snoo­per Com­pa­ny Car
Pa­ra­noi­as Soft Sci­ence
The Ab­do Men It's Be­en A Bad Week
No Stones Pen­chant (Ani­mals)
La Ll­ama Amor y Muer­te
Speed Plans Ever­y­bo­dy Got­ta Die
Sun Child­ren Sun Sword Of Ju­s­ti­ce

La­mic­tal Why Am I Li­ke This??
Is­ma­tic Gu­ru Mind Fe­ver
Bus­ted Head Ra­cket & Bil­liam Bau­ble Break
Mid­gee Pa­ra­noia
Red Her­rings Red Her­rings
Ty­vek Go­ing Th­rough My Things
The Jud­ges Who's Your God To­day?
Grem­lin Null Fu­ture
Di­on Luna­don Se­crets

Yard­boss No Cas­ket
Noj No Room Cut To Fit
Diz­zy Da­ze Fa­ded
Soft Should­er Mar­ching Farm A
Lu­xu­ry Apart­ments En­er­gy
Cel Ray Schmoo­ze Fest

Sklit­a­kling Skit­ten fet­ter
TV Cult Crys­tal Ca­ve
Ble­ak­ne­ss Words
Gri­saille Bles­su­res
Be­ta Má­xi­mo. Cie­lo gris
Dis­creet Charms Mo