Germ House Top­ping The Heap
Ste­phen J. Den­ning What's Up
Scoo­ter Jay Co­lum­bus In Space
Reck­less & The Men­ace F.S 88
Bil­liam The Last Gre­at Ame­ri­can Syn­th Punk Haul
Power Pants Crush
Moar Bur­ning Face Bush Ho­le
Nov LT Mu­sic School
Chan­nel 83 Wheel of Time
Bo­ne Sti­mu­la­tor Keep Your Eye On The Ball
The Hell What a Laugh

The Cut-Ups No Con­trol
Ex­ci­ted To Die Black­out
Graw­li­xes Thic­k­ly Sett­led
Del­co MF's Wa­shed Up
En­fants Sau­va­ges Ven­in Ostie
The Wirms Spa­de Coo­ley
Lafff Box Re­start The Pro­gram
Dez Dare Un­can­ny Ve­lo­ci­ty
Ex­white Workless Shit
Jug & the Bugs Bo­dy De­gra­de

Rot­ten Mind Point­less Love
Girls In Syn­the­sis I Know No Other Way
Pyrex Cool Te­le­vi­si­on
Soft­s­witch Ju­pi­ter Ma­chi­ne
Fan­tas­ma Fu­tu­ro Em Su­as Cos­tas
Brick Head Bad Egg
Drag­net Maths Test

The Out-Sect No Mo­re Lies
The Wind-Ups Le Beau Te­tard Sur Son Ci­ga­re
Neu­trals Sub­sti­tu­te Te­a­cher
Glas Nost The Boot
Bad Crime Hang
De­cent Cri­mi­nal Time
Sta­tu­es Dead of Sum­mer