Kal­le Hy­gien & The Dog Pound The De­tes­ter
Class Bur­ning Cash
Click­bai­ters Lou­sy Fri­end
Lu­cy & The Drill Ho­les In­te­ro­bang!
Spam Des­car­ta­ble
De­for­ma­ti­ve Got­ta Get My Fix
Jean Mi­gnon Ca­na­di­an Exit
Dross Night­ma­re World
Pun­ter Cur­few Eter­nal
Fac­to­ry Ci­ty Child­ren Ob­ses­sed

Ro­mance Fast Car
Day Re­si­due Piss Pa­ra­di­se
Ro­ta­ry Club Pla­net 67
Perp Walk Sus­cep­ti­ble Host
Clo­se­tal­kers Cur­sed
Rat-Nip Sche­mer
Speed Plans Cleve­land
Spread Po­si­ti­vi­ty and Die The Cor­ner Room
Geves/​גבס I'm Burning\אנ
Wa­kas! Iseng-Iseng Pem­bu­ka

Thee Khai Aehm My Spell
Po­lev­aul­ter Con­tent
Power­plant Brood­mo­ther
Ne­on Kit­tens Bob & Ter­ri
Sa­lem Tri­als Last Days of Eu­ro­pa
The Drin Walk so Far
Soft Should­er So­lid Con­cre­te Ground

Ob­jec­tions Bet­ter Luck Next Time
Hot Oce­an Tug­boat Wil­lie
Tee Vee Re­pair­mann Bus Stop
Ming Ci­ty Ro­ckers De­spe­ra­te
Sex Dri­ve Work
Mo­ving Tar­gets De­ca­dent Si­de