Smacko Me­mo­ry Man
Die TV Son­ny
Mo­ney Splits I gots a Hea­da­che
Cool Sorcery De­to­na­ti­on
Le Pil­grim Huit Dol­lars
Chi­ne­se Junk You Ratt­le My Ca­ge
Black Boys On Mo­ped Do I Love You (Mo­re Than A Piz­za)?
Sex Ha­ter $1400 Throw
Badge Grab­ber Wet Night­ma­re
Go­ril­la Knif­e­fight Burn The In­ter­net
Djinn Dark­ness
Mind­less! Fight!
The Aches Ta­king Over
Pri­mi­ti­ve Fuck­ing Bal­lers Drown Me
Bar­ri­ca­de Speed Lust

Safe­ty Zo­ne Who el­se is the­re to help?
S.H.I.T. Haun­ted
Fe­ral Re­cluse
Toi­let Bug You Call That 'Li­ving'?
An­tea­ter An­tea­ter The­me
Cheap Heat Sta­sis
Shaved Ape Lord
Cli­nic Again
pH Peo­p­le I Rol­led Wrong
ICD10 Tas­te the Vo­id
Ali­en Birth Sounds of Work
Fu­ture Ul­ti­ma­te Suf­fe­ring
Witch Piss Hand of Glo­ry
Scab Breath Ta­ke It
It­ches Stra­te­go

Fee­ding Tu­be Any­whe­re But He­re
Beef D.N.A.
Seggs Tape Pi­ti
Da­ta Unknown Cau­se 2 Prey
Jeffy & The Sun­ken Heads You Have A Big Dumb Stu­pid Dumb Face
Bro­dy And The Gro­dies A Pe­nis Is The Lo­go (The Jungle Com­pa­ny)
Klint Guil­ty
Izm J'accuse
Ÿdeg …And Then They Said:
Nag Cri­sis Of Faith
Träu­me Ma­jak
MESH Po­ta­to Head

Co-op Life Ex­ten­si­on
Bo­bo Feed­back
Li­thics Cour­se Of Time
Bo­dy House Ma­gic Bul­let
Gloop I Never Re­al­ly Knew
Sad Roach $cam or Die
Chum Lord Phat
Elec­tric Prawns 2 Boys In A Band
Sex Mex Pills
Lé­gu­mes Sex Lo­go
Diablos Inc. I Know Love One Day Co­mes
Equal Parts A Cri­sis