Klint Dance
CC and the Hai­ry Area I'm an Em­path
Feral Cy­cle
Bo­zo C.S.I.
Snooper Xe­rox
Pres­su­re Pin Su­per­fi­cial Fea­ture
The Vor­tex V2SK
Go­ril­la Knife­fight See You In Hell
Djinn Evil Dead

The Lo­sers Stab­bed In The Back
Ar­mor On The Clock
Pri­mi­ti­ve Fuck­ing Bal­lers Sus­pi­cious Exis­tence
Vidro Vå­gor­nas Svall
Die In Vain Bas­ka Bir Yer Yok
Red Ga­ze Fri­gid Zo­ne
Gri­pe (Es­tás) Ba­jo Con­trol
Sal­ted Wounds Got Your Back
Car­rie Fast Food

Peace De Ré­sis­tance Ma­ni­fest De­sti­ny
The Re­al Dis­trac­tions Be­ach Men
The Blinds El­se­whe­re
Bo­de­ga Thrown
Warm Exit T.V
Beige Ban­quet What Is Go­ing On?

Gad Whip Nost­al­gic For Hope
Straw Man Ar­my Un­der­land
Off Peak Ar­son Clo­sed Curtains
Qua­ker Wed­ding The Kit­chen Floor
The Haz­mats Em­pty Rooms