Sei­te A


USA Nails - New Life
Glen Schen­au - Jhum­ble
Sa­lem Tri­als - Head On Rong
Flat Worms - Terms of Vi­sua­liz­a­ti­on
The Cow­boy - El Po­ño
Sheppar­ton Air­pla­ne - What It's Worth
Tom Lyng­coln - Trust Fun
Metz - Acid
Heads. - Push You out to Sea
Ma­cros - Sal­mon Shorts
Uk Gold - Off Du­ty Nuns
Brain Bagz - Hot Cree­pers
Needs - Fee­ding the Me­so­l­im­bic Do­pa­mi­ne Re­ward Cir­cuit
Help - 2053

Sei­te B


Aus - Am Puls der Zeit
He­alth Plan - Food Grief
De­St­ruc­tos - The Sight
Know­so - Fu­cker Such As You
Li­iek - One Two
Li­thics - Beat Fall
Nag - Po­la­ri­ze
Clock Of Time - Rot­ten Mas­ter
Per­ma­nent Collec­tion - West Coast Fe­ver
Pro­tomar­tyr - Mi­chi­gan Ham­mers
Scot­ti­brains - Aris­to­rats
Keith Ival - Litt­le Boy
Gum Coun­try - So­me­whe­re

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