Xetas - The Cypher

Their third LP - once again re­leased via the taste­ful­ly named la­bel 12XU Records (which i'm to­tal­ly not in­volved with, i promise!) - presents Austin punks Xe­tas' sound in its most ma­ture in­car­na­tion yet, most no­tice­able in terms of its more con­fi­dent, var­ied and al­ways rock sol­id songcraft. Still rid­ing the fine line be­tween straight­for­ward punk rock and en­er­getic post punk/-core, with the nee­dle point­ing a bit more in the lat­ter di­rec­tion this time, you might de­scribe this shit as a cu­ri­ous mix be­tween Red Dons, Video, Meat Wave and Day­light Rob­bery. In oth­er words: Qual­i­ty Stuff!

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Shrinkwrap Killers - Stolen Electronics To Shove Up Your Ass 7"

On their re­cent 7" via Iron Lung, Oakland's Shrinkwrap Killers blow a pret­ty lit­tle hole in your speak­ers by way of a flaw­less one-two punch made up of fuzzy, melod­ic garage punk and bear­ing some sim­i­lar­i­ty to The Stal­ins Of Sounds, S.B.F. or Kid Chrome. Nuff said.

Constant Insult - History In Shorthand

Whoa… didn't re­al­ly ex­pect to hear from those Min­neapo­lis folks again, as five years have al­ready passed since their strong de­but EP. On their first long play­er we get more of that stuff - times 10, thanks to no­tice­ably re­fined songcraft and force­ful per­for­mances. This is plain old un­pre­ten­tious, melod­ic Punkrock with a clear ear­ly 90's bent at its very best. Kin­da like a Fu­sion of Day­light Rob­bery and Su­per­chunk, but you might al­so hear some Echoes of Jaw­break­er, Sami­am, even a very slight trace of Leather­face every now and then…

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Chubby & The Gang - Speed Kills

No rock­et sci­ence on Chub­by & The Gang's de­but al­bum, just the plain old melod­ic punk rock schtick. But boy, is that some re­al­ly fuck­ing good stuff. '77 catchy­ness is in­ject­ed with loads of hard­core en­er­gy and giv­en a rough garage sur­face. Kin­da like Boo­ji Boys record­ed in high fi­deli­ty.

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Moist Boy - Deep Rest

Moist Boy from New Bed­ford, Mass­a­chu­setts are one of the rare cas­es in which a band comes some­what close to what you could call pop punk with­out im­me­di­ate­ly piss­ing me off. But for me, that's hav­ing most to do with in­cred­i­bly low stan­dards in that par­tic­u­lar genre rather than an aver­sion to sim­ple, straight­for­ward melodies. Pop punk bands just tend to fuck up even the most ba­sic, fun­da­men­tal com­po­nents of de­cent punk rock.
Moist Boy don't suck in the slight­est and that's thanks to first rate song­writ­ing abil­i­ties, an ad­e­quate­ly tight and punchy per­for­mance and - to counter the sweet catchy­ness of their melodies - a dis­tinct garage edge as well as some rather dark lyri­cal con­tent. Qual­i­ty stuff through­out and re­quired lis­ten­ing if you ap­pre­ci­ate bands like Cheap Whine, Dark Thoughts, Steve Adamyk Band… maybe even The Marked Men!

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