Black Button - Demo

This band from Rich­mond, Vir­ginia gives us an­oth­er ten min­utes of pissed off and ex­quis­ite no-frills garage punk just drip­ping with loads of raw hard­core en­er­gy.

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Glue Eater - Home Alone Demo

Three short bursts of quite charm­ing Lo-Fi garage punk by some dude or band from Mel­bourne, mov­ing on a scale be­tween dan­ger­ous­ly catchy pow­er pop melodies and de­ter­mined hard­core at­tacks. Friends of acts like Boo­ji Boys, Datenight, Erik Ner­vous or Neo Neos will cer­tain­ly ap­pre­ci­ate this.

Spräckta - Demo

This Toronto/​Vancouver based group fea­tur­ing mem­bers of Dam­agers, among oth­ers, gives us yet an­oth­er one of those fuzzed out, de­li­cious­ly ex­plo­sive hard­core-/garage punk mix­tures, at times evok­ing com­par­isons to Ver­ti­go, Fried Egg, Kalei­do­scope or Cü­lo. Ex­cel­lent stuff!

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Apex - Demo #1

Five short and fun blasts of off-kil­ter genre blur­ring rum­ble - part garage-/fuzz punk, part hard-/weird-/noisec­ore, part KBD style strange­ness. Some­what like a mix of Lumpy & The Dumpers and Mur­der­er, this shit might al­so con­tain traces of Flip­per and No Trend.

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Dee Bee Rich - Demo

Not too long af­ter a rather synth-heavy tape by that guy who re­cent­ly seems to be in­volved in pret­ty much any oth­er Berlin band, we get a small en­core ex­hibit­ing a more gui­tar-cen­tric sound, shift­ing the son­ic co­or­di­nates clos­er to the garage. The over­all vibe here kin­da re­minds me of ear­ly Erik Ner­vous.

The Nico Missile - 8 Ways To Get Infected

The Nico Mis­sile is an­oth­er one of Ricky Hell's many pas­times. There are few sur­pris­es here, in­stead you get more of his fa­mil­iar trade­mark of qual­i­ty. If you know some of his oth­er Bands like Fas­ci­nat­ing or Ricky Hell And The Void­boys you kin­da know what to ex­pect: Garage-edged Fuzz Punk and Noise Pop some­where in the Neigh­bo­hood of No Age, Ter­ry Malts, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! TIger! or Male Bond­ing. What more could you want?

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Fried e/​M - Tour Tape

Mis­souri punks Fried e/​M cre­ate some beau­ti­ful­ly rough and old­school noise, some­where on the fringes of hard­core-, garage- and KBD punk. Their sound specif­i­cal­ly re­minds me of Nox­ious Fumes, but a more re­cent Band like Launch­er might al­so be a good enough com­par­i­son.

Paz SS - No Es Para Ti

With their first long play­ing cas­sette, Paz SS from Va­len­cia, Spain de­liv­er a good batch of plain old garage- and fuzz punk done right, eqipped with the nec­es­sary propul­sion by a thor­ough­ly com­pe­tent band. You might com­pare them to the straght garage punk of bands like Ex Cult, Sauna Youth or Foul Swoops, the en­er­getic Fuz­zcore of Ill Globo and oc­ca­sion­al­ly there's even a faint shim­mer of Wipers.

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Basement Boys - Basement Boys

A some­what quirky an­i­mal, this de­but al­bum by Min­neapo­lis' Base­ment Boys. Starts out by ra­di­at­ing a kind of post punk vibe sim­i­lar to Plax or The Cow­boy, then in­creas­ing­ly skews to­ward garage punk, au­gu­ment­ed by a small dose of noise and some beach goth melan­choly, at times re­mind­ing me of stuff like Co Sonn, Ex-Cult, Shark Toys or ear­ly Wavves.

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Rita Repulsa - Rita's Revenge

Boston elec­tro punk duo Ri­ta Re­pul­sa en­ter the scene with their first EP, whose large­ly sam­ple-dri­ven con­tents rough­ly re­sem­ble the charme of an ex­tra brain dam­aged ver­sion of North Carolina's ISS, sup­ple­ment­ed with a sub­tle dose of noise rock and a lyri­cal fix­a­tion on… Mighty Mor­phin Pow­er Rangers?!? Works for me.

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