Poison Ruïn - Not Today, Not Tomorrow

Dun­geon punk's chief am­bas­sadors be­stow up­on us the gift of three new bat­tle cries and oh boy, are they get­ting more epic, de­ter­mined, elab­o­rate and ridicu­lous with each re­lease… and i'm all down for it!

Swordbreaker - Demo

A new en­try in­to the young dun­geon punk mi­cro­genre com­ing our way from me­dieval Utrecht. That means com­pe­tent new fod­der for con­nois­seurs of D&D-savy im­agery and themes, of heavy ar­mor and blunt weapons as well as a small but ex­pand­ing round­table of skull­crush­ers á la Poi­son Ruïn, Bloody Keep, Weenog, Steröid or who­ev­er else has re­cent­ly been busy unit­ing the aes­thet­ics of garage punk with those of old­school black- and/​or su­per-an­cient "heavy" met­al.

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Klint - Dance

This dude from Schleswig, Ger­many al­ready made an ex­cel­lent first im­pres­sion a cou­ple weeks ago with his de­but 7" on Good­bye Boozy. The art­work sure sug­gests some dun­geon syn­th/-punk affin­i­ty, al­though sound-wise - lack­ing the lat­ter genre's ob­vi­ous black- and/​or old­school "heavy" met­al el­e­ments - i'd rather com­pare this shit to re­cent de­vel­op­ments on the in­ter­sec­tion of garage-, synth- and elec­tro punk and as­so­ci­at­ed acts of the Mononeg­a­tives, Pow!, Liq­uid Face, Ghoulies or Slimex va­ri­ety.

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Bloody Keep - Bloody Keep

Now what kind of black death is this shit sup­posed to be again? The Band­camp-bred dun­geon punk (micro-)genre rarely fails to amaze when its over-the-top ab­sur­di­ty col­lides with such top-notch per­for­mances and qual­i­ty songcraft re­peat­ed­ly. What kin­da starts out like an old­school black met­al-in­fused bas­tardiza­tion of Chub­by and the Gang and ear­ly Sheer Mag sub­se­quent­ly throws quite a bit of (neo-?)folk punk RNA in­to the mix, dares to build up kin­da elab­o­rate and flex­i­ble song struc­tures while nev­er ne­glect­ing its pop qual­i­ties, mak­ing for a both dread- and joy-in­duc­ing sound­track for a doomed hu­man­i­ty on its way to­wards the new post-apoc­a­lyp­tic dark ages.

Weenog - Weenog's Tower

Okay… it looks like the cur­rent dun­geon craze, which seem­ing­ly start­ed out in the realm of synth-based sound­scapes some time ago and has since then pro­gres­sive­ly been mak­ing its pres­ence known on the fringes of garage punk, is now slow­ly but in­evitably ex­tend­ing its grip in­to the musty cel­lars of hard­core punk. This fun new tape of me­dieval sur­vival hymns about oth­er people's heads meet­ing blunt, heavy ob­jects sounds a bit as if Lumpy & The Dumpers, Cü­lo and Strange At­trac­tor joined forces to record an al­ter­nate Jab­ber­wocky sound­track.

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Poison Ruïn - Poison Ruïn II

I al­ready liked this Philadel­phia group's first tape a lot but its suc­ces­sor rais­es the bar even high­er for their own mix­ture of garage-, post- and dun­geon punk that doesn't shy away from al­low­ing quite a bit of very old­school "heavy" met­al in­to the mix - in re­gards to the movie just as much as the genre.

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