Modern Rituals - The Bull Never Wins

This Is The His­to­ry re­leas­es March 20th via Holy Roar Records.

Shell Of A Shell - Knock

Away Team re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 28th via Ex­plod­ing In Sound Records.

Wasted Shirt - Double The Dream

Fun­gus II re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 28th via Fa­mous Class.

Videodrome - Video Store

Live Fast! Die Like David Car­ra­dine re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 27th via Le Turc Mecanique.

Raspberry Bulbs - Doggerel

Be­fore The Age Of Mir­rors re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 21st via Re­lapse Records.

Dead Cells - Bell

I re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 15th via Er­ste Theke Ton­träger.

Video Daughters - Shakedown

Cut Back re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 31st via Al­ready Dead Tapes and Records.

The Resource Network & Big Hog - Split 7"

This al­ready marks the sec­ond time these two bands from In­di­anapo­lis are pool­ing their, um… re­sources for a split re­lease - this time it's a 7" on Good­bye Boozy Records. Not on­ly is the record­ing qual­i­ty a lit­tle bit less rough than last time; both bands have al­so sig­nif­i­cant­ly di­ver­si­fied their mu­si­cal vo­cab­u­lary.
The Re­source Net­work al­ter­nate be­tween smar­ty­pants garage punk of the Ura­ni­um Club & Yam­mer­er va­ri­ety, a post punk/-core thingy you could imag­ine as a weird mix of Rites Of Spring and ear­ly Sloven­ly, and fi­nal­ly a straight punk rock­er ra­di­at­ing a Launch­er-style KBD Vibe.
Quite a bit of the lat­ter you can al­so find on Big Hog's side and there's less of a hard­core edge to their new songs - in­stead you'll find a wild post punk ride you might de­scribe as Pat­ti-meet-ear­ly-Min­ute­men, sur­round­ed by two blasts of noise punk re­sem­bling what Lumpy & The Dumpers could have sound­ed like on some sort of sludge/​doom trip.

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B.E.E.F. 39X - Man-Simulator 5

At first lis­ten, i can't help but think of the tex­an (neo) no wave/​chaotic noise rock con­nec­tion around bands like Flesh Narc, Gay Cum Dad­dies and a few oth­er projects shar­ing much of the same per­son­nel. How­ev­er, this band is from Philadel­phia, mak­ing any as­so­ci­a­tion with those rather un­like­ly. Al­so, on clos­er in­spec­tion, their sound and songs come across a lot more struc­tured, com­pared with the kin­da se­mi-im­pro­vised feel of the Den­ton scene's out­put. Sound­wise, this is some­what less in the no wave camp, lean­ing more in­to the noise rock side of things and now that i'm think­ing of it… I al­so see quite some sim­i­lar­i­ties to their ge­o­graph­i­cal­ly much clos­er New York con­tem­po­raries Spray Paint and Big Neck Po­lice, as well as a hint of cana­di­an noise punks Sop­cans.

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Warm Exit - Demo

On their de­mo, Brus­sels out­fit Warm Ex­it come up with a flaw­less lit­tle dose of synth-en­hanced garage punk, al­ter­nate­ly re­mind­ing me of con­tem­po­rary genre pow­er­hous­es like Aus­muteants, Dumb, Erik Ner­vous or Pow­er­plant.