Markus - Insécurité

Reser­voir re­leas­es March 19th via Späti Palace.

Birthday Ass - Blah

Head Of The House­hold re­leas­es April 23rd via Ramp Lo­cal.

Street Eaters - Simple Distractions

Sim­ple Dis­trac­tions 7" re­leas­es April 9th via Ner­vous In­tent Records.

Yammerer - The Beachgoer

Warm Exit - Warm Exit 7"

Brus­sels group Warm Ex­it has a new EP out and just as i sus­pect­ed that thing fuckin' rules. Four new high volt­age garage-/synth punk smash­ers some­where in the neigh­bor­hood of Pow­er­plant, Aus­muteants or what­ev­er the Warttman em­pire is up to right now.

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Big Jar of Mayo - Big Jar of Mayo

More qual­i­ty shit cour­te­sey of Deluxe Bias. This ab­surd­ly short cass­in­gle of noise in the realm of KBD-in­formed weird­core, garage- and post punk will sure be a de­light to folks who've al­ready de­vel­oped a huge bon­er for Mys­tic Inane, Rolex or Fried E/​M.

Trigger Cut - Rogo

On their sec­ond LP, noise rock/​postcore trio Trig­ger Cut con­sid­er­ably raise the en­er­gy lev­el with­out sac­ri­fic­ing much of the pre­ci­sion work, so­phis­ti­cat­ed struc­tures and arrange­ments we've al­ready wit­nessed on their de­but al­bum. Es­pe­cial­ly in the first half there are some se­ri­ous Jaw­box and Bas­tro vibes go­ing on. In the past i'd have told you that Ralf Schaarschmidt's cur­rent and past bands are among the very best the ger­man noise rock scene has to of­fer but hon­est­ly, at this point, even world­wide there aren't that many groups op­er­at­ing at their lev­el.

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Ope - Tapes 1-3

Here's a holdover from last week by a sin­gle Mil­wau­kee dude (i guess) that i first planned to omit here but on clos­er lis­ten­ing turned out to be much stronger than i ini­tial­ly thought. A catchy, dreamy, melan­cholic blend of lo-fi noise pop, or­gan-and-synth punk un­folds on these tapes that al­so ra­di­ates a good deal of old­school Fly­ing Nun-type psy­che­delia.

Nick Cage - Lost Cause

Man, this has been a lame week as far as new mu­sic is con­cerned. I don't wan­na with­hold from you one stand­out re­lease though, this lit­tle gem op­er­at­ing right in the mid­dle be­tween garage punk, hard- and post­core - kin­da like a mix be­tween Fried E/​M, Mod­ern Needs, Mys­tic Inane… with a spoon­ful of Dri­ve Like Je­hu thrown in at the right mo­ments.

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Hooveriii - Control

Wa­ter For The Frogs re­leas­es April 9th via The Re­ver­ber­a­tion Ap­pre­ci­a­tion So­ci­ety.