S:Bahn - Queen of Diamonds

This Mel­bourne group has been around be­fore. That was some­time dur­ing the 90's and back then, their sound could be de­scribed as your typ­i­cal, slight­ly emo-fied post­core style of that pe­ri­od with echoes of Chavez, Slint and Pol­vo. Their first new songs in a quar­ter-cen­tu­ry how­ev­er are quite far from a nos­tal­gic re­tread of their ear­li­er tunes. In­stead, we get pre­sent­ed an all-new and slick post punk sound clear­ly be­long­ing in­to the present day, which doesn't look out of place among acts like say, Sleepies, Go­tobeds or Drahla, at the same time sound­ing rather time­less and ma­ture in all the best ways, at times al­so evok­ing a sub­tle Mov­ing Tar­gets or Vol­cano Suns vibe.

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Sarcasm - Creeping Life

It's been a few years since i last heard of Lon­don group Sar­casm. On their lat­est and, ap­par­ent­ly, last EP their ul­tra-min­i­mal­ist post punk with strong hints of Crass and more re­cent bands like Mar­bled Eye, Rank/​Xerox or La­bor still sounds pret­ty much as if not a minute has gone by since then, which is to­tal­ly fine with me. Quite pos­si­bly, these songs were record­ed not long af­ter their 2017 Malar­i­al Bog EP.

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Shine - Stare Into The Sun

Stare In­to The Sun 12" re­leas­es April 5th via 4Q-HQ.

Spread Joy - Unoriginal

Spread Joy re­leas­es April 2nd via Feel It Records.

The Shan - Grave Love

X-Flies re­leas­es March 19th via Kap­i­tal Media.S

Xerobot - D-Con

Xe­r­o­bot re­leas­es March 15th via Chun­klet In­dus­tries.

Waste Man - Run All Night

One Day It'll All Be You re­leas­es April 2nd via Feel It Records.

Electric Chair - Bastards

So­cial Cap­i­tal re­leas­es March 26th via Iron Lung Records.

Skiftande Enheter - Bättre Förr

Lögn /​ Bät­tre Förr 7" re­leas­es March 21st via Chun­klet In­dus­tries.

Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands

HC45-2 re­leas­es March 26th via Iron Lung Records.