Badge Grabber - Men In Black

Postage - 80-85

Postage re­leas­es No­vem­ber 5th via Dirt Cult Records.

Shove - Chopper

Shove re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 15th via Rack Off Records.

Tunic - Apprehension

Quit­ter re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 15th via Artof­fact Records.

Imploders - Imploders

In case you like your hard­core punk wild, catchy and in­no­cent like it's 1981 on the US west coast… there's your new jam as it won't get much more 1981 than this Toron­to group's de­but EP. These five ridicu­lous­ly ap­peal­ing tunes don't sound anachro­nis­tic in the slight­est though. Rather, with their time­less garage and KBD vibes, they fit in just as well with con­tem­po­rary groups á la Launch­er, Frea­kees, Liq­uid As­sets or Ce­ment Shoes.

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Deck In The Pit - In A Lane

Some weird-ass shit, this archival re­lease con­tain­ing the com­plete record­ings, made in or around 2016, of a short-lived Bris­bane group… and of course it doesn't take a fuck­ing ge­nius to fig­ure out this is yet an­oth­er project re­volv­ing around ec­cen­tric avant-garde gui­tar tor­tur­er Glen Schenau of Kitchen's floor, plus two oth­er dudes who played in Syd­ney 2000 and Piss Pain re­spec­tive­ly. It might be their in­volve­ment ren­der­ing this stuff al­most ap­proach­able for a Schenau-re­lat­ed ar­ti­fact, al­though by ap­proach­able i mean: No more ap­proach­able than, say, ear­ly The Fall or Mem­branes records are ap­proach­able. If that sounds ap­proach­able to you, then this will too!

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Tommy Cossack - Tommy Cossack

With this Lon­don dude's de­but tape hav­ing been such an in­cred­i­bly fun ride, its fol­low-up - a hot mess made up of re­worked/re­mas­tered/re-heat­ed old­er demos and a pair of new tracks - sure feels a bit un­fo­cused in di­rect com­par­i­son, yet still man­ages to kick plen­ty of ass on its own. An­oth­er adorable batch of quirky DIY garage punk that, de­spite its british ori­gin, has a pre­dom­i­nant­ly aus­tralian feel to it with groups like Set-Top Box, R.M.F.C. and Sa­tan­ic To­gas com­ing to mind as well as the un­avoid­able Ausmuteants/​Alien Nose­job, a touch of Use­less Eaters.

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Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons - Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons

A Cleve­land, Ohio group presents a rough and dis­so­nant mix of noise rock and post punk with a sharp garage edge on their first EP which, in the cur­rent mu­sic land­scape, po­si­tions them rough­ly in­be­tween such Groups as The Cow­boy, Spray Paint, Flat Worms and Plax, at times sup­ple­ment­ed with a cer­tain Flip­per vibe.

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