Set-Top Box - Normal Guy

Set-Top Box /​ R.M.F.C. Split 7" re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 24th via Good­bye Boozy Records.

Neighbours Burning Neighbours - Grace

Soft­ly /​ Grace 7" re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 23rd via Sub­rou­tine Records.

Pop Crimes - Goes

De­buts re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 17th via Howl­in Ba­nana Records.

Alien Nosejob - Television Sets

Sud­den­ly Every­thing Is Twice As Loud re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 17th via Drunk­en Sailor Records.

Chubby and The Gang - Speed Kills

Speed Kills re­leas­es Jan­u­ary 16th via Sta­t­ic Shock Records.

Shopvac - Fugue State

EP1, out Jan­u­ary 10th via Bust Nev­er Sleeps.

Acid & Eltern - Demo

In re­cent years, Cologne has de­vel­oped quite an im­pres­sive track record of folks putting on DIY garage shows, thus i al­ways won­dered why i didn't get to hear much in terms of lo­cal bands, even less in terms of record­ed ma­te­r­i­al. How­ev­er… Acid & El­tern are in­deed a band from Cologne and their first de­mo makes for a thor­ough­ly pleas­ing lis­ten. Record­ed in raw and fuzzy mono, I'd lo­cate their sound - among oth­ers - rough­ly in the realm of Ex-Cult, Use­less Eaters and the mud­dy LoFi-Aes­thet­ics of ear­ly Erik Ner­vous.

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Discovery - Demo

California's Dis­cov­ery de­liv­er an­oth­er two short but po­tent blasts of this par­tic­u­lar fu­sion be­tween blown out fuzzy hard­core & garage stuff that, in re­cent years, seems to be crop­ping up from every crack in the as­phalt, a fact i couldn't be more hap­py about.

Rancher - Pummeler

What we got here is twelve min­utes worth of min­i­mal­is­tic, un­com­pro­mis­ing DIY in­dus­tri­al noise/-punk shit by some duo from Riv­er Falls, Wis­con­sin. Be­ing more of a clue­less id­iot tourist in this par­tic­u­lar field, i'd de­scribe this as what a ful­ly elec­tron­ic vari­ant of Big Black might have sound­ed like. Or maybe draw par­al­lels to the more re­cent but com­pa­ra­bly min­i­mal­is­tic noise by Black Pus.

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Pink Guitars - We Are Made Of The Sun

Just like its pre­de­ces­sor, the sec­ond EP by this band from Buf­fa­lo, NY turns out to be an­oth­er high­ly con­cen­trat­ed dose of un­con­ven­tion­al, in­ven­tive and at times strik­ing­ly melod­ic hard­core fun, al­so ex­pand­ing its styl­is­tic ten­ta­cles in­to places of garage-, fuzz- and KBD style punk.

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