Woodstock '99 - La Casa De Fuck You

Su­per Grem­lin re­leas­es May 27th via Sor­ry State Records.

Girls In Synthesis - Bypassing

Kon­sum­rausch re­leas­es June 17th via Hound Gawd! Records

Teenage Tom Petties - Boatyard Winch

Teenage Tom Pet­ties re­leas­es June 3rd via Safe Sub­ur­ban Home Records.

Brian Disease - Brian Diseased

Bri­an Dis­ease re­leas­es June 16th via Just Step Side­ways Records.

R. E. Seraphin - Playing House

Swing­shift re­leas­es May 27th via Dandy Boy Records.

The Missed - The Actor

Ac­ti­va­tion re­leas­es May 27th via Just Be­cause Records.

Everyone Is Alone Sometimes - Everyone Is Alone Sometimes

Pointy Sticks, the un­ex­pect­ed­ly melod­ic open­er of this Char­lotte, Car­oli­na group's de­but cas­sette, kin­da sounds like what i'd ex­pect if weirdo garage punk out­fit Print Head were to record a hard­core record. The rest of the tape re­mains beau­ti­ful­ly ec­cen­tric too, mix­ing old­school hard­core thrills with catchy garage hooks and, at times, the odd old­school hard rock or doom riff, the lat­ter sug­gest­ing stuff like Para­noise as a com­par­i­son. Oth­er times, you might liken them to some Con­nie Voltaire hard­core project or the re­cent Hip­py­fuck­ers de­mo, all of that steeped in a rough fi­deli­ty akin to any ran­dom Deluxe Bias or Im­po­tent Fe­tus re­lease.

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Famous Logs in History - Fancy!

The New York group's newest cas­sette clicks with me in­stant­ly, their quirky pow­er pop tunes strik­ing me as a some­what new wave-ish melange of melod­ic, pre­dom­i­nant­ly ear­ly british post punk some­where in the ex­tend­ed neigh­bor­hood of groups such as Des­per­ate Bi­cy­cles, Mekons, Tele­vi­sion Per­son­al­i­ties and Swell Maps.

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Lamictal - Doctor's Orders

Speak­ing of eggs… here's an­oth­er batch of short and sweet smash­ers in the realm of oc­ca­sion­al­ly hard­core-in­fused garage- and post punk that at one point or an­oth­er kin­da re­sem­bles a cu­ri­ous mix­ture of Big Bop­per, Feed/​Zhoop/​Djinn, S.B.F., Pat­ti and Landown­er.

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Prison Affair - Demo III

An­oth­er tape by Barcelona's best ad­dress for daz­zling­ly up­beat and catchy garage punk de­liv­ers yet an­oth­er ul­tra-com­pact pay­load of low-fi­deli­ty, high-eggi­ness tran­scen­dence, no amount of tape hiss be­ing able to drown out that con­stant bar­rage of ul­tra-po­tent and high­ly in­fec­tious pop hooks bear­ing some vague sim­i­lar­i­ty to acts like R.M.F.C., Nuts, Set-Top Box, Dee Bee Rich or Erik Ner­vous.

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