Luggage - Shift

With their third Al­bum, Chicago's Lug­gage de­liv­er a seam­less con­tin­u­a­tion of the qual­i­ties es­tab­lished on their 2017 ef­fort Three, even dou­ble down on those. Fit­ting­ly and un­mis­tak­ably record­ed at Elec­tri­cal Au­dio, a brit­tle, of­ten crawl­ing sound in the rough area of Noise- and Math Rock, Post- and Slow­core al­lows it­self am­ple time to un­fold and sounds a lot like their home­town in the late 80s to 90s. Or, at dif­fer­ent points, like a more straight­for­ward Shel­lac, slow mo­tion Tar, much loud­er Slint or an even more bleak vari­ant of Codeine.

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Mini Skirt - Pretty

Sunflowers - Dreamweaver

End­less Voy­age, out Feb­ru­ary 7th via Stolen Body Records.

Clamm - Liar

Be­seech Me, out Jan­u­ary 24th.

Pinko - Rats In Reverie

You & You, out De­cem­ber 13th via Hex Records.

Alien Nosejob - HC45

Alien Nose­job seem to be­come the kind of band where Aus­muteants singer Jake Robert­son on­ly does what­ev­er the fuck he wants to at the mo­ment. They start­ed out as a more or less ex­act copy of his more well known band, then it start­ed to get un­pre­dictable as they ven­tured in­to retro tear­jerk­er pow­er pop, among oth­er things. Al­so, we had to suf­fer through a maxi sin­gle of ul­tra-cheesy synth pop. This time they make it eas­i­er for me: It's hard­core. It ro­tates 45 times a minute. And it's very good.

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Acrylics - Sinking In

Af­ter a num­ber of in­cred­i­ble EPs, it took San­ta Rosa's Acrylics a good two years to as­sem­ble their fist long play­er, which - to no re­al sur­prise - turns out to be their most var­ied and ma­ture chunk of noise. Their am­bi­tious, but si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly al­ways per­fect­ly co­her­ent mix of styles draws a per­fect tri­an­gle be­tween the dark post punk of Crim­i­nal Code, hard­core punk of the quite pun­ish­ing va­ri­ety rem­i­nis­cent of Cü­lo, Hate Preach­ers, Im­pul­so and for­ward think­ing Post­core of acts like Ivy and Bad Breed­ing.

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