Broken Vessels - Do You See My Smile?

Bro­ken Ves­sels are a group from San­ta Ana, Cal­i­for­nia fea­tur­ing mem­bers of Grim­ly Form­ing and Rolex (whose in­cred­i­ble de­but al­bum/­com­pi­la­tion/re-record­ing thingy i didn't post here as far as i re­mem­ber, so give that one a spin if you haven't yet). Their de­but EP sounds a lot like a some­what dumb­ed down ver­sion of Rolex, while Mys­tic Inane comes to mind as an­oth­er valid and whol­ly flat­ter­ing com­par­i­son.

Wails - Wails

High­ly flam­ma­ble shit, the de­but EP of Stock­holm group Wails which un­leash­es four per­fect storms of ass-kickin' straight-ahead-rockin' garage punk while al­so in­volv­ing some hard­core propul­sion, oc­ca­sion­al traces of sludge. I'm re­mind­ed of garage pow­er­hous­es like Ex-Cult, The Cow­boy, Jack­son Reid Brig­gs and the Heaters, Flat Worms or, more re­cent­ly, Ar­chaeas.

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Night Miasma - Night Miasma

Night Mi­as­ma are a group from Chem­nitz, Ger­many fea­tur­ing mem­bers of L'appel Du Vide, whith whom you're prob­a­bly fa­mil­iar al­ready if you're in­to that kind of thing. Their de­but EP doesn't stray too far from that styl­is­ti­cal­ly, de­liv­er­ing a fla­vor of dark punk /​ deathrock-in­fused post punk that doesn't add any­thing new to the genre but gets all the ba­sics right in these four sound­ly con­struct­ed songs.

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Youth Regiment - Youth Regiment

An­oth­er Im­po­tent Fe­tus re­lease, an­oth­er short and sweet burst of noisy, old­school-ish hard­core punk ap­proach­ing the genre from charm­ing­ly odd an­gles.

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Pedigree - Connected?

Their 2019 de­but al­bum New Freak was great fun al­ready, but on the bel­gian group's newest EP all the mov­ing parts click in­to each oth­er way more tight­ly and ef­fec­tive, while their quite slick yet pow­er­ful garage punk sound has gained a bit more of a sub­tle post punk vibe. At var­i­ous points i'm re­mind­ed of groups like (ear­ly) Teenanger, Video, Flat Worms, Sauna Youth, Ex-Cult as well as french acts Night­watch­ers & Telecult.

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Jah Hell - Lockdown Love Songs

An­oth­er fresh new batch of hissy, dis­tort­ed, melod­ic and sim­ply awe­some garage punk, fuzz- & noise pop bangers by this one-man project from Ely, UK.

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Mystic Inane - Natural Beauty

Man, it's been at least half a decade since i last heard of this New Or­leans group. How­ev­er un­ex­pect­ed the re­lease of their new 7" might come, their blend of garage- & post punk, hard- & post­core cer­tain­ly sounds as fresh and en­er­getic as ever on this one, fit­ting in nice­ly with more re­cent groups in the vein of Launch­er, Liq­uid As­sets or Fried E/​M.

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Daydream - Mystic Operative

With their sec­ond long­play­er, Port­land punks Day­dream set off eleven new blasts of care­ful­ly con­trolled chaos, imag­i­na­tive and un­pre­dictable as ever and with quite a bit of fine-tun­ing to their very own any­thing-goes brand of slight­ly garage-fla­vored post­core, which might draw com­par­isons to groups such as Kalei­do­scope, Bad Breed­ing… even a very slight hint of Dri­ve Like Je­hu, maybe?

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New Vogue - New Vogue

Mon­tre­al group New Vogue nev­er sound­ed bet­ter than on their most re­cent EP, whip­ping out in­fec­tious hooks at a dan­ger­ous pace, merg­ing them in­to shiny lit­tle nuggets of garage- and synth punk with echos of Use­less Eaters as well as many loose­ly Warttman-af­fil­i­at­ed bands like Sa­tan­ic To­gas, R.M.F.C. or Set-Top Box. Nice!

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Something to look forward to…

I've heard there are those among you who weren't en­tire­ly sat­is­fied with the year 2020. Well, the good news is we're all gonna have just as much fun this win­ter. Al­so, some folks even man­aged to record some mu­sic to be re­leased in the com­ing weeks. Here's a first batch of things to look for­ward to.

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