P22 - The Industrialist Heartthrob

Hu­man Snake re­leas­es April 3rd via Post Present Medi­um.

Es - Chemical

Less of Every­thing re­leas­es April 3rd via Up­set The Rhythm.

Cathedrale - The Bet

Hous­es Are Built The Same re­leas­es March 27th via Howl­in Ba­nana Records.

Discovery - Nothing

Earth to Fuck­er re­leas­es March 21st via Er­ste Theke Ton­träger.

Moron's Morons - Rise With Me

Look­ing For Dan­ger re­leas­es March 20th via Sloven­ly Record­ings.

Primitive Teeth - Bubble Of Me

Prim­i­tive Teeth er­schein am 20. März auf Dirt Cult Records.

Gouge Away - Consider

Con­sid­er /​ Wave Of Mu­ti­la­tion 7" re­leas­es March 20th via Death­wish Inc.

Eye Flys - Tubba Lard

Tub Of Lard re­leas­es March 20th via Thrill Jock­ey.

Cold Meat - Bad Mood

Hot and Flus­tered re­leas­es March 20th via Sta­t­ic Shock Records /​ Helta Skelta Records.