Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons - Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons

A Cleve­land, Ohio group presents a rough and dis­so­nant mix of noise rock and post punk with a sharp garage edge on their first EP which, in the cur­rent mu­sic land­scape, po­si­tions them rough­ly in­be­tween such Groups as The Cow­boy, Spray Paint, Flat Worms and Plax, at times sup­ple­ment­ed with a cer­tain Flip­per vibe.

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Dead Finks - (My Human) Extinction

The Death and Res­ur­rec­tion of Johnathan Cow­boy re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 24th via Er­ste Theke Ton­träger und Urge Records.

Antibodies - Petro State

LP 2021 will be re­leased soon™ via Sew­er­cide Records.

Screensaver - No Movement

Ex­pres­sions Of In­ter­est re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 8th via Heavy Ma­chin­ery & Up­set The Rhythm.

Heavy Metal - V: Live At The Gas Station Fighting The Devil

I don't think i ever gave Berlin's mys­tery act Heavy Met­al the full spot­light on here and in ret­ro­spect i can't re­al­ly tell if that was be­cause Heavy Met­al weren't quite ready for me or 'cos i wasn't quite ready for Heavy Met­al. All i can say is i've been mon­i­tor­ing their cu­ri­ous and pro­lif­ic tra­jec­to­ry over the past few years and with every re­lease their garage-/elec­tro-/to­tal­fuck­ingnuts-punk bas­tard con­coc­tions res­onat­ed a bit bet­ter with my bro­ken brain un­til fi­nal­ly they hit a pre­fect sweet spot with their fifth (duh…) long­play­er on which they come off kin­da like a more out-there ver­sion of a cer­tain North Car­oli­na group that's been ru­mored to not be punk enough for heavy met­al or some­thing… thrown in a blender with a healthy dose of Swell Maps or Mé­tal Urbain/​Dr. Mix & The Remix. Nev­er be­fore have they sound­ed this neb­u­lous and just wrong in all the right ways, ex­cept maybe for the idea of fight­ing the dev­il… that sim­ply doesn't strike me as the most heavy met­al thing to do. It might please the chris­t­ian rock crowd, though.

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Verspannungskassette #22 (C-60)

Side A


Mod­e­cen­ter Grease
Meal An­i­ma­tor
Big Bop­per Math Show
Re­arranged Face His­to­ry Of Things To Come
The Frea­kees The Mid­dle
Los Blobs Asalto
Lysol C-4
Foil Rat King
Kretin Bay Of Fakes
Μπριτζολιτσεσ Μη (Don't)
Debt Cult South­port Sharpest Weapons
D. Sablu So Sor­ry
The Lip­schitz Squab­ble
Cred­it Bu­reau Dou­ble Wide
Spielo Sparschwein
Rakete Fehlstart Brüs­sel 2057
Monobur­ro Bi­en­venidxs a la Nue­va Era
Thee Hears­es Space In­vad­er
Slimex Pres­sure
C.H.I.M.P Slug

Side B


Up­per Wilds Love Song #5
Va­ca­tion VFTA
Psy­chic Flow­ers Com­ing to Col­lect
Dog Heav­en Slip Away
Cuel­lo La Re­si
Tongues of Fire Numb
Old Moon Past Lives
DDR Lim­it­ed Li­a­bil­i­ty
Choke Boy Old Block
Re­treaters Some­thing Grows Here
The Tubs Two Per­son Love

Vacation - Existential Risks and Returns

Once again stu­pid me was way too late notic­ing that a new record by Cincin­nati, Ohio's pop wiz­ards Va­ca­tion has hit the shelves via Sali­nas Records, re­peat­ed­ly prov­ing their knack for craft­ing re­fined jew­els of melod­ic noise at the in­ter­sec­tion of old­school nineties-style in­die rock, grace­ful pow­er- and noise pop. This shit is catchy as fuck with­out ever get­ting too for­mu­la­ic or pre­dictable. A rare breed these days and even more rarely does it ever come across as pow­er­ful and flaw­less­ly ex­e­cut­ed as here. An al­bum of twelve hits and ze­ro miss­es as for this group, "pret­ty good" sim­ply doesn't cut it.

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The Freakees - Freakee Deakee

New shit from one of KBD-in­formed garage punk's prime mak­ers in our time, L.A.'s Frea­kees. Hav­ing tried on quite di­verse styl­is­tic flour­ish­es, bits and pieces on re­cent EPs in­clud­ing pure synth-/elec­tro punk on their pre­vi­ous one, they have nev­er sound­ed more fo­cused than on their newest ef­fort and this pays off ad­mirably as the cur­rent, pret­ty synth-heavy it­er­a­tion of their sound to­tal­ly slaps and might be com­pared fa­vor­ably to acts like ear­ly Launch­er, Alien Nose­job, Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Liq­uid As­sets and Sa­tan­ic To­gas.

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