Mem­bers of Bib and Ni­hilis­tic fit, among a whole shit­load of oth­er groups, de­liv­er their first EP here and it's hard to not get ex­cit­ed in face of this ex­plo­sive force. These are su­per-sol­id, ma­ture and elab­o­rate song as­sem­blies made up of a time­less post­core sound which is al­so per­fect­ly able to slow things down - like in the doom/s­ludge-lean­ing ex­cer­cise Face Down - with­out bor­ing you to death. Al­ways al­ways a sign of com­po­si­tion­al ex­cel­lence if you ask me. In re­cent years, we might've heard sim­i­lar blasts from bands like Ro­mance, Shove, As­cot Stab­ber, Flow­ers of Evil or ear­ly Bad Breed­ing.