Dan Mel­chior Band The Right In­flu­encer
Heavy Moth­er Fri­day Night (Black­out!)
Gee Tee Bad Egg
Teo Wise Ami­go
Toi­let Rats Sen­so­ry Over­load
Pringue Bi­cis Nece­si­ta
Heart­beeps Sick In Your Head
The Covids Bust To Bits
Muck C.F.B.
Killer The Bar

Obe­di­ent Black Out and Block
Axed Nev­er Goin Back
Il­lit­er­ates Chip Away
Spewed Brain No Sleep
Snoop­er Waste
Bart and the Brats Fake Bands
Anteater Dai­ly Fan­ta­sy
Pyr Ka­ta Voulisi Σκάβεις Τον Λάκκο Σου
Opsec Con­trolled De­liv­ery

O.R.C Dis­em­bow­eled At The Tav­ern
Home Front Re­al Eyes
Ubiq­ui­tous Meh! I Iden­ti­fied the Ufo
Emit­ter Small­er
Soft Shoul­der Door (Pass)
Af­ford­able Re­pay­ments Gills
Waste Man Changes

Dregs Lights Out
The Un­knowns Delet­ed
Scam Like­ly Star­ing at the Sun
Out­ta­con­troller Less Is More
Hinin Déjà mort
Litovsk Ceris­es Et Grenades
Be­ta Máx­i­mo. Hornos de ladrillo