More great fod­der by synth-/elec­tro viking punk mae­stro Klint on this nice com­pi­la­tion avail­able ei­ther dig­i­tal­ly or dubbed on­to pre-loved cas­sette stock, if you're so in­clined - i do cer­tain­ly ap­prove of that, giv­ing old cas­settes a new home! So what we got here is a mix of old shit you might have heard al­ready, old shit you prob­a­bly haven't heard yet and new shit you def­i­nite­ly haven't. Oh and then ap­par­ent­ly there's al­so the mat­ter a of a cou­ple of re­cent­ly un­earthed an­cient wax cylin­ders, glo­ri­ous­ly rough around the edges and un­played since ap­prox­i­mate­ly 1904-1912. Neat!