Fuck, there's been way too much awe­some mu­sic late­ly so a C-90 wouldn't suf­fice and Verspan­nungskas­sette #47 has to be an­oth­er dou­ble fea­ture. Well it's al­most fuck­ing christ­mas time any­way so for the oc­ca­sion i'm pick­ing the finest sec­ond hand garbage tape out of my cas­sette dump and even pull out a NOS sealed BASF thingy… you get old­er, you need such lux­u­ry.
So let's get this shit over with, start­ing off with a spe­cial an­nounce­ment cour­te­sey of Klint that hope­ful­ly makes you wan­na lis­ten to 12XU Ra­dio as much as 12XU Ra­dio hope­ful­ly makes you wan­na lis­ten to Klint. All the rough­est shit is on side a. For your pre­scribed dose of garage punk go straight to side b. Noise rock and gloomy post punk to make you wan­na jump off a bridge on side c. Melod­ic punk and pow­er pop to re­store your san­i­ty on side d.

Klint 12xu Ra­dio
Drýsild­jö­full Hel­giathofn
Ruben Ri­ley Not The Sharpest Tool
Rolex Hey Sun­shine
Shake Chain Copy Me
Pow­er Flower Pow­er Flower Pow­er
Flea Col­lar Buttcrack Man
Shit­ty Life Out Of The Scheme
Sid Ear­gle Chud Ba­bies
Snorkel Half-Life
Dumb Idea D.H.Y.
Butcher's Laugh Men­tal Hy­giene Unit

Mem­o­ry Ward In Your Ear
Phan­tom Canker
Gam­ma Dress­ing
Z-Pak Ken Doll's Lament (Boy­hood)
Ex­al­tarist Vi­o­lent In­trud­er
An­ti-Ma­chine Too Many Eyes
Un­known Lib­er­ty Chil­dren
Vi­o­lin Be­trayed
No­hz Brief Lights, For­ev­er In Pain
Pis­sy Se­di­en­to
Spe­cial Branch Lethal Force

Last Quok­ka Eat The Rich
New Buck Biloxi Dark Star
Alien Nose Job Moldy Dough
Exwhite Ex­cess
Crime Waves No Rea­son 2 Live
No Brains Cer­ti­fied Mul­let
Hood Rats Won't Be A Vic­tim
Thee Deluxe Fad­ed

Spam Mi Amigx Pix­el
Teo Wise Mer­da x3
Ly­mes Wait­ing Im­pa­tient­ly
Nick Nor­mal Strange Notes
Gee Tee Find The Beat
Bust­ed Head Rack­et WYL2K?
Oyo La Lefa
Cap­tain Kazan Late 4 Work

Big Hog Coup de Gras
Red Mass Won­der Se­crets Of Health And Pros­per­i­ty (Ft. Slates)
Spi­ral Rash Au­tode­vour
Neon Kit­tens Plan­et
Rider/​Horse Great In­nings
Mis­ere Kon­trolle

Dead Mam­mals King Pink
Trig­ger Cut Land­lord
Can Kick­er Dis­as­so­ci­ate Now
Swal­low the Rat Oth­er Rooms
Gaffer So­cial
Plomb Bright Life

Kitchen's Floor Thir­ty-Five
Ze­ro Per­cent APR Mid­night
De­comisos La Toledana De­prisa, De­prisa
Víc­ti­ma Del Va­ci­amien­to We Don´t Get Along
Shux (I Don't Wan­na) In­door Toi­let
De­liv­ery Good
The Chis­el Keep it Sch­tum

Skl­i­tak­ling Stat­en
Postage Nos­tal­gia
Avions Fields Of Gold
Ri­fle Fas­cist Cops
Nasty Par­ty Mono­chro­mat­ic TV
Finnogun's Wake Lovers All
Mess Don't Look Back
Smirk Sou­venir