Oookay, i think with the cur­rent surge of new users on the fe­di­verse hav­ing the big­ger in­stances un­der strain, it's time to fi­nal­ly put my mon­ey where my mouth ist and open the 12XU Plero­ma in­stance for reg­is­tra­tions! May the fed­er­at­ed punk bub­ble flour­ish and grow. Oh and by the way, posts on can be quite looong… be­cause char­ac­ter lim­its are for dick­heads on­ly.

You can sim­ply use the reg­is­tra­tion func­tion on but if for what­ev­er rea­son that doesn't work for you (it's known, for ex­am­ple, that the likes of Gmail, GMX, etc… like to bounce many emails from un­known servers), then just shoot me an email at, tell me your pre­ferred user­name and i'l pro­vide you with lo­gin da­ta. Al­so make sure to take a look at the in­stance code of con­duct be­fore you start.

For now, i can fi­nance the host­ing cost my­self but in the long term - es­pe­cial­ly if big­ger host­ing up­grades be­come nec­es­sary - i'd be thank­ful if you could help me out with the bill (think some­thing like a dol­lar or even less a month for the av­er­age user…), if you're able to, that is. But that shit's in the fu­ture. For now, every­one just have fun! :-)