Fen Fen Bad Taste
Gloop Tur­pen­tine Eye
Near­ly Dead Greg's Fix
Ar­se Go Hard
Met­rics Men­tal­verse
C.M.L. Trust You
Brain Bag Punch­ing Bag Brain

Ra­di­a­tion Risks Damned as Dirt
Red Rot Deac­ces­sion
Pi­geon Core
Con­stant Cold War In­trud­er
Hævn­er Glas­bur
La URSS Más al­lá del fu­turo
Stuck Do Not Re­ply

Damak Pen­du­lum
Hank Wood and the Ham­mer Heads You Could Have It
Dogsnot­Gods On­ly Us
Todd Killings And The Con­tracts Pri­vate Eye
Beam Mor­tis
Ben­zin Krise
Munchkin Head Pub­lic En­e­my
Raut Hack
Elec­tric Prawns 2 Raw Prawn Gravy

Cool Sor­cery Let Go
Nov LT Daniel John­ston on Love Is­land
Hägöl Sick
Sprgrs Bag­suck­er
Dee­beat Ra­mone Dis­sem­bler
Ghoulies Space Rats
TJ Cabot J.A.G. Turned Me In­to A Mu­tant
Daugh­ter Bat and the Lip Stings Ham­ma why@
Sil­ver Bi­planes Songs That Don't Ex­ist