In a noise rock world most­ly dom­i­nat­ed by pre­ten­tious wankers con­tent with re­pro­duc­ing the done-to-death "left­over doom riffs played with odd time sig­na­tures (that makes us math rock, i guess…)" for­mu­la ad nau­se­am, Canada's Near­ly Dead have al­ways kin­da stuck out from the sad sta­tus quo not through smarts but through sheer prim­i­tive force and a very old­school ap­proach to sludge-in­fest­ed noise rock, rem­i­nis­cent of an­cient genre ar­ti­facts by the likes of Cows, Kill­doz­er, Cherubs, Fun­gus Brains, Scratch Acid… plus count­less of deep cuts from the clas­sic Am­Rep cat­a­logue. These tunes make me wan­na take a show­er - a rare qual­i­ty these days.