Mononeg­a­tives Kill Mono
Die TV Sticks Around
The Wolf­man­hat­tan Project Count­down Love
Kerosene Kream Mind Killer
Roo Stafford An­swer­ing Ma­chine
In De Nadfin Rock 'n' Nasty
Sil­i­con Heart­beat Bored To Death
Mag­got House Take a Bite
Met­dog When I Look Around
Nurse Joy Al­pha Gal
Cher­ry Cheeks ACAB
Bil­liam Sick Of Be­ing Haunt­ed
Game Set Match Free Liv­ing

The Stools Fas­cist Cu­pid
Triple Lutz R.I.D.
Toe­heads Painkiller
Cru­el­house Slan­der Yr­self
Cold Com­fort Go Long
Sutros Gravesit­ter
Back­hand Your House And Mine
Fuck­Fuck­Fuck Bad Habits
Dis­ci­plina Lim­i­tar Nun­ca Es­tu­viste Y Nun­ca Vas A Es­tar (2ª Parte)
Meal Serve For­ev­er
Fen Fen Je­sus Freak
Split Sys­tem It Ain't You

Egg Id­iot Nose War­riors
Hog My Heart Is A Hot­line
Rodo­den­drons Hunger
Po­lute Stoned Rid­er
Zikin Kakatzan atra­p­a­ta
To­tal Sham Kill Me Be­fore
Go­ril­la Knife­fight Id­ioc­ra­cy
Dump­ster Rats Witch’s Brew
Shove Death Ad­min Ma­chine
Hot­mom Ding Dang Mu­sic!
Girls In Syn­the­sis To­tal Con­trol

Meat Wave What Would You Like Me to Do
Kill Your Boyfriend The Man in Black
Pri­vate Lives Head/​Body
D.B.R. Fight
Lounge Tourist Es­una
Mag­ic Shoppe A Star Turns Blue
Alu­minum Red & Gold
Wet­nap Strick­land
Sweet Teeth Too Good
Michael Beach Out in a Burn­ing Al­ley