I don't think Drew Owen aka Sick Thoughts needs an in­tro­duc­tion by now, hav­ing been a fix­ture of the garage punk scene for close to a decade now. His 2018 self-ti­tled LP al­ready count­ing as a genre clas­sic of its own, i'd say he's now cre­at­ed his de­fin­i­tive mas­ter­piece with this newest one car­ry­ing the To­tal Punk seal of qual­i­ty. Dou­bling down on the strong '77 vibes of his most re­cent Poor Boys /​ Drug Rock 7", this is an unim­peach­able set of hits and al­so his most styl­is­ti­cal­ly di­verse ef­fort so far, most no­table here be­ing oc­ca­sion­al de­tours in­to sev­en­ties hard-, glam- and sleaze rock as has been hint­ed at be­fore by the teas­er sin­gle Moth­er I Love Sa­tan - al­ready to be con­sid­ered an all-time clas­sic of taste­ful dev­il wor­ship mu­sic - and fur­ther ex­plored here in such tunes as Sub­ma­chine Love and Rich Kid.