Mus­tard De­gradoli
Sick Thoughts Moth­er, I Love Sa­tan
Chained Bliss Drifter
Doe St The Old Guard
The Uglies Pyra­mid
Mum­bler Check­ing Out
Zhoop Sun­rise Splice
Scat­ter­braini­ac Three Fin­gers Point­ing Back To You
Gripe Tor­res
Re­flex Per­spec­tive
Es­trume Fati­ga
Black Dog Ab­solute Dis­as­ter
Ban­shee Scream La­dy Death An­gel

Se­lene Del­ga­do Cock Cage
SPAD Lo­tion For Ma­nip­u­la­tor
G.R.O.S.S. Car­bon
Bad Breed­ing Death March
Trenchraid In­hu­man Sys­tem
The Dump­ies Kin­da Weird
Snif­fany & The Nits Chick­en Liv­er
Hys­teric Polemix The Col­or Of Priv­i­lege And Fragili­ty
Ra!d Nev­er End­ing Labyrinth
TV Cult Video­drome
Dusters Last Ones Stand­ing
María en Dro­gas La Es­ce­na Es­tá Muer­ta

Night Babes Antler in Antler
Off Peak Ar­son Vivid
Babe Re­port Mal­ort is My Shep­herd
Mul­ti­c­ult Ex­tra Sper­i­cal View
Lemon­grab Air­borne
MIT Wake in Fright
Emp­tyz Com­mer­cial Mu­sic
Klint De­mil­i­ta­rized Wheat Si­los - De­naz­i­fied Sun­flower Oil
T.L.B.M. Phone Keys Wal­let Weed
Al Pa­ci­nos Sis­ter David
Re­pul­sion Switch Fla­vors

¡MIAU! (Tan fe­liz) Hablan­do con­mi­go mis­mo
Gee Tee Stuck Down
Oog Bo­go Cuck­oo
TJ Cabot Away
Podi­um Una Coraza
Corpse­paint Bloat­ed
Doms Im­pulse Re­ac­tion
Tuff Bluff Pop­pies
Out­ta­con­troller Lim­it And A Sit­u­a­tion
Split Sys­tem De­mo­li­tion