As co­in­ci­dence would have it, here's yet an­oth­er group of some­what fuzzy where­abouts al­though the avail­able ev­i­dence gen­er­al­ly points to­ward Penn­syl­va­nia this time. On their most re­cent full-length ef­fort, a war­bly blown-out lo-fi acoustic in­tro gives way to a knock­out punch of a post punk blast that sounds a bit as if the hal­lu­cino­genic haze of groups á la Piles or Die! Die! Die! en­tered the pitch black worlds of Nag. Oth­er times we get some­what more con­ven­tion­al yet nonethe­less ass-kick­ing flash­es of old­school doom- and sludge-lean­ing Am­Rep-style noise rock col­lid­ing with the spaced out acid punk ex­cess of, say, De­struc­tion Unit, Hamer or Su­per-X.