I haven't got the slight­est clue where these folks hail from and al­so how this EP, hav­ing been re­leased a year ago ap­par­ent­ly, could go un­no­ticed for so long. 'Cos this cer­tain­ly ain't your typ­i­cal av­er­age bor­ing post punk record. Their sound of equal parts post punk and -core equipped with some ex­cel­lent garage propul­sion kin­da bridges the gaps be­tween a wide range of stuff of ear­ly Pro­tomar­tyr or Con­stant Mon­grel cal­iber on the Post Punk side of things, more garage-lean­ing acts in the Tyvek, Par­quet Courts or Go­tobeds vein, plen­ty of Hot Snakes-/Drive Like Je­hu-es­que post­core vibes and even the oc­ca­sion­al hint of Mis­sion Of Bur­ma or Mov­ing Tar­gets can be found in there.