Don't ex­pect too many sur­pris­es from the newest Vin­tage Crop LP but ex­pect plen­ty of good­ness nonethe­less, fol­low­ing that cer­tain garage punk for­mu­la the Mel­bourne group cer­tain­ly did their part to es­tab­lish in tan­dem with fel­low acts such as Pinch Points, Dumb, Ura­ni­um Club and Abort­ed Tor­toise, of which they de­liv­er a slight­ly more straight­for­ward and catchy vari­ant here, al­so con­tain­ing some oc­ca­tion­al traces of stuff like Pat­ti, Par­quet Courts or In­sti­tute. The two stand­outs here are the slow­er jams Im­pact of Wis­dom and The Bloody War in which their song­writ­ing qual­i­ties re­al­ly get to shine, the lat­ter one al­so car­ry­ing a melan­choly, dis­tinct­ly wire-es­que vibe.