Black Lizard Kill­fire
Phaselick­er Make Deaf
Tele­sa­tan I Am Weak
Acad­e­my Or­der Vict­uals
Pi­geon Per­manet Quest
Cult Ob­jects Sea Foam
Soft Shoul­der Old Kinds of Kicks

Am­bu­lanz Fam­i­ly
O.R.C Don­key
The Black Gloves Pro­totem­plate
Lassie Onkel Maik
Doc Flip­pers Ter­ri­ble II
Lithics Na­ture Ob­ser­va­tion Po­em

The Clue Pana­son­ic
Clut­tered Grot­to Nasal Spray
3D & The Holo­grams VR Ex­e­cu­tion
No­hzdyve Sweet Dreams
Dump­ster Rats Ra­bid
Klint Brahm­sea
Snoop­er Town Top­ic
Fried E/​M Lifestyle Creep
Exxxon Con­no­co
An­droid Not By Faith But By Sight

S.H.I.T. The War On You
Scab Breath Give Me My Gun Back
OK Satán Looks Like Shit
Brun­dle Di­al Tone
The Ex­e­cut­ed Shock State
Grawlix­es Fa­tal Wank­ing
The Uglies Wish My Life Was Movie
Life Forms Com­plex
Green/​Blue Away