I'm sure everyone's al­ready tak­en no­tice, but i can't leave that one out here, a new re­lease by the on­ly ger­man punk group i've ever heard of. In a nut­shell, Pisse are still very much Pisse (and yes, that is in­deed the ger­man word for piss), their jet of yel­low liq­uid still be­ing very pre­cise­ly fo­cused on the var­i­ous process­es and phe­nom­e­na in­volved in the grad­ual crush­ing of the hu­man soul in that so­ci­ety of ours while not spar­ing the punk scene their due amount of ridicule ei­ther. Their mu­sic on the fringes of post- and garage punk ain't noth­ing to be em­bar­rassed about ei­ther, even in the clos­ing track Fa­vorit, which drags some Sui­cide-es­que synth min­i­mal­ism through a de­cid­ed­ly ger­man schlager hell.