Ghost Beef 2023
Spread Joy Spa Sched­ule
Scab Breath Sniff­ing Glue
Check­point Gravedig­ger
Li­on Coun­try Fer­rari Cow­boy Hat
Die TV Con­so­nants
Sex Mex Elec­tric Chair
Prison Af­fair Big Bot­tom Ba­by
Lam­ic­tal Doc­tor Says
Gluer I Lost…
Or­ren­do Sub­ot­nik Stop­pa
Judy and the Jerks Bu­ford
Zhoop TMNT
Every­one Is Alone Some­times I Am A Field Of Beans
Re­mote Con­trol Every­one Is The Same

Do­goloko Tus Ami­gos
Porn­scars Blur­ring The Lines
Cri­sis Man Po­lice In­jus­tice
Cuir Prenons De La Drogue
Bil­liam Clive
Con­Sec Quit or Die
Man­ic Ride Nev­er Go­ing Back
Warthog Ter­res­tri­al Progress
Ster­ile Mind Turns To Ash
Di­all Drought
Pyrex Touch
No­Touch How Many?
Clin­ic Split
Sword­break­er Fu­ri­ous Charge

Ner­vous Trig­gers Beach Co­ma
The Dan­ger­men Wrong Train Home
Skid City Dou­ble Deuce
Big Cream Shop­ping List
Malflo­ra Can
Ex Par­ents Dis­ease Mag­net
Bul­let Brains Mr. Cru­ci­fix
Lim­i­nal The House Par­ty
Bull­shit De­tec­tor They Hate Us
Feed Caf­feine Freak

Cos­mit Cost of Breath­ing
Mat­ty Grace I'm Side­ways
Night Court Shit­ty Con­fi­den­tial
Mick Trou­ble A Wast­ed Light
Fa­mous Logs in His­to­ry All Fu­ture Luxe
Mir­a­cle Debt Lurk­ing To­ward
.avi Gafas rosas
Gy­rate Over & Over
L' ap­pel Du Vide Delir­i­um