Not sure where these folks are based - La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos' band­camp page men­tions uruguayan bands as an in­spi­ra­tion so maybe that's where the good shit is hap­pen­ing? Their face­book pro­file might clar­i­fy things but these days, i'd rather stay in the dark for­ev­er than log­ging on­to that stink­ing heap of crap one more time (speak­ing of which… C'mon fuck­ers, what are all of you still do­ing over there? Move your punk ass­es over to the open, in­de­pen­dent, non-cor­po­rate fe­di­verse! Bring your friends over too!). Well, whether that's the case or not, their style of post punk re­minds me quite a bit of Barcelona punks Al­gara for more than just their span­ish vo­cals, al­beit with a nice melod­ic street punk vibe and a slight touch of The Es­tranged on top.