Wow, this group from Borée, France is jug­gling a shit­load of dif­fer­ent styles with strik­ing con­fi­dence on their de­but al­bum. The thing starts out with a short, straight­for­ward, sim­ple blast of hard­core punk, then has them cy­cling through a wide ar­ray of styles in­clud­ing force­ful post­core, hard rockin' up­per-mid-tem­po garage rock/-punk, groovy an­gu­lar post punk and even some vague­ly Pix­ies-es­que, surf-in­fused old­school 80s in­die-/al­ter­na­tive rock. All of this they pull off with ease - there's not a sin­gle weak link on this record. Im­pres­sive shit all the way through!