It looks a lot as if i'm gonna be oc­cu­pied by some­thing oth­er than this blog for a few weeks so don't pan­ic if things are get­ting a bit qui­et here tem­porar­i­ly. At least i man­aged to shit out a new mix­tape and since there's been a lot go­ing on re­cent­ly, i made it a dou­ble fea­ture. Four sides with four rather dif­fer­ent vibes. You'll hear from me again in a cou­ple weeks.

Pa­perniks Seg­ment F
Pinch Points Am I Okay?
Szlauch Gnidy
Cold Com­fort Suck My Blood (Please Don't)
Äd­wud Wild Breed
Thee Deluxe Spent
Moron's Mo­rons Alexa
F.E.I.D.L. Taube

Chi­nese Junk Fuck You, I'm Broke
Liq­uid Face 122 Hours of Fear
Zhoop Love & Hate
Spewed Brain Spewed Brain
Slimerot Brain­rot
Es­tra­go Ca­de­nas y Muros
Rwetes Wiecej Kosci­o­la
Kilo­ff And The Neigh­bors Wari­at
Lit­tle Green Men On The Plan­et Mars

Nug­giez The Creeps
Uzu­ma­ki Gri­mosi­dad de es­quele­to
Sweat Poor Ex­e­cu­tion
Last Quok­ka Cue
Mil­i­tarie Gun Dis­pos­able Plas­tic Trash

Dead Years Able to Run
Sched­ule 1 An­oth­er
Hu­man Is­sue Saved
Spite House Afraid
The Un­fit The Big Ma­chine

A Place to Bury Strangers Ring­ing Bells
Die! Die! Die! Los­ing Sight, Keep On Kick­ing
Laramie Jr. Just Like Home
Ri­fle Feet First
Sül­lyedö Világ Vala­mi Baj Van
Ce­men­to Ce­men­to

Des­per­ate Hell Freaks In Sea­son
Gy­rate Be­neath Me
Bee­hive Neigh­bor­hood GOP Op­er­a­tive
ÖPNV Rasthof
The Drin For The Tsa­ri­na

Why Both­er? Tues­day Morn­ing
Bode­ga Stat­ue Auf Dem Ste­htisch
Vaguess Turn It Off
Su­sans Hands
Stiff Drinks New Anx­i­ety
Sex Mex Shit Me Out
C.H.I.M.P Ya Took The Words Right Out­ta My Mouth

Kat Haus I Wan­na Bite Ya
Wal­do Fal­do Mono Del Perú
The Gobs Dick­head Is­land
Dead Stare Bring
Chub­by and the Gang Twice Shy
Lethal Lim­its Uni­ver­sal Flow
Ba­by Ghosts Who Gives A Shit