Gui­tar Mag­a­zine How Do You Know
In­sane Urge I Feel Fine
Land­lords 1-2-X-U
AJ Cortes And The Bur­glars Nev­er Ever
Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp What The Fuck
Kill Surf City No Chance
Para­noise Flesh Vines
Tup­per­ware Sparse
Go­ril­la Knife­fight Emer­gency Shut-Off Switch
Feed Off The Grid
Djinn Dam­aged
Pure Filth Give In
Fash­ion Change House Of Trash
Piss Kinks Light A Fire
As­esina­to Man­u­fac­tured Cri­sis

Necro Heads Pos­i­tive
God Plu­to­ni­um I See No
Blue­print Nail In The Cof­fin
Strange­light The World Needs Laugh­ter
T.L.B.M. N A R K
Feed­ing Tube Stuck
Ny­lon Deth Met­al
Glands Bor­ing Shit
Jail­er Hu­man Mo­men­tum
Poi­son Ruïn Pha­lanx
Half Id­iot My Home Town
Air Vent Dweller Heat Wave
Daugh­ter Bat And The Lip Stings Botched Boob Job
Sci­ence Man Sharp Dressed Man

Tur­bo­gob­lin RX Big-Hat
The Mute Ser­vants Bro­ken Lad­der
Op­er­ants Grey Inbtwn
Mononeg­a­tives Vi­sion to a Screen
Plot Re­ac­tion For­ma­tion
Toi­let Rats Bar­ri­cad­ed
Mr. Node Vac­ci­nate Me!
Törn­er '86 Ent(t)törner
Mayge I Am A Fail­ure
Fib You
Bara­ka Face Jun­ta Tv Nar­o­dowa

Deadlet­ter Pop Cul­ture Con­nois­seur
Italia 90 DINO (Dan­ger­ous In Name On­ly)
Li­iek Deep Pore
Black Mold Time To Make a Liv­ing
Los Tarzanil­los To­do lo que quieras
Du-Rag Dents And Bumps
Seablite Ink Bleeds
Onan Ser­vo We Could Build A Sun On Earth
In­grates Don't Wan­na Work
Dan Webb And The Spi­ders Missed Eclipse
Horse­girl Bil­ly