Barcelona group Al­gara ini­tial­ly burst on­to the scene last year with a four track de­mo as an elec­tro punk duo, which then quick­ly grew in­to a four-piece group and prompt­ly re­leased an­oth­er tape con­sist­ing of a re-record­ing of the first EP's songs as well as some tracks meant for their first long­play­er, which we fi­nal­ly get to wit­ness in its full glo­ry now. In the mean­time their sound has evolved in­to a com­pact and ef­fort­less­ly flow­ing fu­sion of post-, garage- and elec­tro punk that might be de­scribed as a mix of ISS, Straw Man Army, Rank/​Xerox and UZS, on­ly bro­ken up right in the mid­dle by the strong syn­th­wave flour­ish­es of He­do­nistas.