I don't think i ever gave Berlin's mys­tery act Heavy Met­al the full spot­light on here and in ret­ro­spect i can't re­al­ly tell if that was be­cause Heavy Met­al weren't quite ready for me or 'cos i wasn't quite ready for Heavy Met­al. All i can say is i've been mon­i­tor­ing their cu­ri­ous and pro­lif­ic tra­jec­to­ry over the past few years and with every re­lease their garage-/elec­tro-/to­tal­fuck­ingnuts-punk bas­tard con­coc­tions res­onat­ed a bit bet­ter with my bro­ken brain un­til fi­nal­ly they hit a pre­fect sweet spot with their fifth (duh…) long­play­er on which they come off kin­da like a more out-there ver­sion of a cer­tain North Car­oli­na group that's been ru­mored to not be punk enough for heavy met­al or some­thing… thrown in a blender with a healthy dose of Swell Maps or Mé­tal Urbain/​Dr. Mix & The Remix. Nev­er be­fore have they sound­ed this neb­u­lous and just wrong in all the right ways, ex­cept maybe for the idea of fight­ing the dev­il… that sim­ply doesn't strike me as the most heavy met­al thing to do. It might please the chris­t­ian rock crowd, though.