My care­ful­ly tuned anom­aly-de­tect­ing in­stru­ments are sens­ing some cu­ri­ous egghead ac­tiv­i­ty com­ing from Bel­gium, more specif­i­cal­ly from some Brus­sels one-man-act. And what a neat lit­tle qual­i­ty batch of songs has re­sult­ed from this. Fans of acts like Warm Ex­it, Set-Top Box, R.M.F.C. or Sa­tan­ic To­gas, re­joyce! Put a sub­lim­i­nal dun­geon smell on top and this is rough­ly where you'll end up. Al­so, there's some kind of an un­ex­pect­ed Spray Paint-goes-garage punk vibe go­ing on in Horse Pow­er.