This Mel­bourne group's first long­play­er is a seam­less con­tin­u­a­tion of what was al­ready so lov­able about their pre­vi­ous EPs. Sure, their style of old­school garage punk with that un­de­ni­able Ra­dio Bird­man vibe has grown a quite long beard by now, but what a charm­ing and glo­ri­ous beard that is! To be fair, they're al­so try­ing out some new things here, at some points let­ting a touch of Wipers shine through, dab­bling in dark post punk or try­ing their hands at Am­Rep-style sludgy noise rock. But let's not kid our­selves here; what this group does best at this mo­ment is knock­ing out one straight­for­ward yet so­phis­ti­cat­ed rock­er af­ter an­oth­er with amaz­ing con­fi­dence.