Don't ex­pect any­thing huge. It's just a lit­tle ze­ro-ef­fort ex­ten­sion to this blog where i'm post­ing some links, pod­casts, videos i find worth­while, ran­dom brain farts, what films i've been watch­ing and some rather nerdy stuff large­ly un­re­lat­ed to the main blog. Just click on Dump in the menu.

As i'm try­ing to get a bit more in­vest­ed in the fe­di­verse any­way (as well as coax oth­er peo­ple in that di­rec­tion, away from cor­po­rate so­cial me­dia), i've sim­ply made it an­oth­er Pleroma/​Mastodon (etc…) han­dle you can eas­i­ly fol­low on the fe­di­verse.

Be aware though that the stuff on there may oc­ca­sion­al­ly be of a rather per­son­al na­ture or might touch on sub­jects such as (left­ist) pol­i­tics and athe­ism (as am cur­rent­ly still grap­pling with my own de­con­ver­sion from re­li­gion over the past few years). Just in case that kind of stuff is prob­lem­at­ic to you, be warned.

Al­so, as quite a few peo­ple are quit­ting face­book and twit­ter in fa­vor of open and de­cen­tral al­ter­na­tives right now, i wan­na en­cour­age you to do the same and join the de­cen­tral fe­di­verse. I'm not feel­ing con­find­ent enough in main­tain­ing my own plero­ma in­stance to open it up for reg­is­tra­tion just yet - it will stay my own sin­gle-user in­stance at least for the time be­ing. How­ev­er, there are tons of pub­lic in­stances out there open for reg­is­tra­tion. For my fel­low mu­sic nerds, i rec­om­mend tak­ing a look at