Side A


Schi­ach Feiawea
Vor­lon An­gel Re­venge
Gnarly Dude Sex
Prison Af­fair En­tre Bar­rotes
Col­lec­tive Hard­core Ra­dio Pira­cy
Liq­uid Face Lo­bot­o­my
Cher­ry Cheeks Over It
Alien Nose­job Once More 1984
Print Head Make A Day
Mod­ern Needs Pro­jec­tor
Salamirecorder She will kill me
Bil­liam An­gry, Short, Song
Dr. Sure’s Un­usu­al Prac­tice Blood Munny
Ben­ni Heavy Met­als

Side B


USA Nails Tem­po­rary Home
Lip Vi­o­lent Na­ture
Joy Dirty
Warm Red Decades Of Break­fast
Straw Man Army Op­tion De­spair
Al­gara Miedo A Perder
Class Tourist Choke
REVV Rou­tine
K. H. Mirth Long Lost Friend
Kerosene Kream Hu­man Man
Garbage Dis­pos­al Union Kerouac’s Last Pint
Cheap Meat Ages
Last Quok­ka Peo­ple
Stiff Richards Glass

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