Covid year turns out to be quite a pro­duc­tive one for Cleve­land garage-/post punk group Know­so who re­cent­ly un­leashed both a new EP and LP, their sec­ond and third re­leas­es this year alone. Son­i­cal­ly, this is a seam­less con­tin­u­a­tion of their pre­vi­ous awe­some­ness - min­i­mal­ist, ab­stract Post Punk bear­ing some sim­i­lar­i­ty to Nag, Brandy, Con­stant Mon­grel or more re­cent Us­less Eaters. What sets them apart is the sheer ef­fi­cien­cy of their arrange­ments and per­for­mance, kin­da like their riffs and beats are pur­pose­ful­ly de­signed to play nice with con­vey­or belts, be eas­i­ly stack­able on pal­lets, best moved around with a fork­lift.