I tried hard to dis­miss this Or­lan­do, Flori­da project as just an­oth­er cook­ie cut­ter DIY synth punk/-garage ar­ti­fact of our times… with the first EP that was. The sec­ond one was able to sow some mis­trust in my own judge­ment. Num­ber three fi­nal­ly served as a re­minder on how full of run­ny shit my dys­func­tion­al lump of grey mat­ter can be some­times - so bad i wish some­one would trans­plant an anus on­to my head. Evo­lu­tion, you're such a ter­ri­ble dis­ap­point­ment… These twelve songs are an in­cred­i­bly fun synth punk ride over­all, the kin­da pop ori­ent­ed va­ri­ety, just get­ting pro­gres­sive­ly bet­ter with each new EP. Take a juicy bite if you can stand stuff like Trash­dog, Warm Ex­it, Dot.com, Set Top Box, Pow­er Plant, T.L.B.M., Spy­roids.