Just a quick an­nounce­ment: In­stead of tak­ing care of this blog as i should, i re­cent­ly pro­cras­ti­nat­ed my own mastodon in­stance in­to ex­is­tence. Or more specif­i­cal­ly, it's ac­tu­al­ly a plero­ma in­stance. Or for those who still don't get what the fuck all that gib­ber­ish is sup­posed to mean: Mastodon and Plero­ma are two com­pat­i­ble serv­er im­ple­men­ta­tions of the Ac­tiv­i­ty­Pub pro­to­col, which quite a few de­cen­tral so­cial plat­forms are based on, mastodon be­ing the most pop­u­lar of those at this mo­ment.

Al­so in the works is a Hubzil­la in­stance, which is sup­posed to bridge the gap for me be­tween Mastodon/​ActivityPub and the in­com­pat­i­ble Di­as­po­ra net­work. In the long term, my aim is to go ful­ly in­de­pen­dent of the big com­mer­cial plat­forms. I'd be de­light­ed if a few of you dip their toes in the warm fe­di­verse wa­ters too, sim­ply be­cause the cor­po­rate web sucks so hard at this point any­way and i'd like to ac­cel­er­ate its death a lit­tle bit.

So right now you can find me at these ad­di­tion­al places:

If you want a user ac­count on elefant.onetwoxu.de, just tell me via the con­tact form… but be aware that this piece of shit might not be 100% sta­ble yet, def­i­nite­ly needs a bit of fine tun­ing and you're ba­si­cal­ly be­com­ing my guinea pig if you dare to reg­is­ter. That thing could ex­plode at any mo­ment.
Thus, un­til i have that stuff un­der con­trol, i'd rather rec­om­mend you reg­is­ter an ac­count on the mu­sic-themed linernotes.club in­stance - or any oth­er inc­tance whose user base, themes and poli­cies ap­peal to you. Mastodon al­lows you to move your ac­count some­where else at any point, just in case stuff didn't work out for you.