Af­ter hav­ing churned out an ex­cel­lent De­mo and a no less amaz­ing EP in '16/'17, it took a while for Melbourne's Re­al­i­ty Group to come up with their first full length, which makes up for the long wait with a no­tice­ably ma­tured - al­though, thank­ful­ly, in no way or form san­i­tized - set of tunes. This al­bum is every­thing you might have have hoped for from this band; a de­li­cious­ly quirky franken­stein brew made up of garage-, art- and post punk you sim­ply shoudn't miss out on if you have any affin­i­ty for shit in the vein of Pinch Points, Ura­ni­um Club, Andy Hu­man & The Rep­toids, Erik Ner­vous, Lithics or even ear­li­er Teenanger.