Flat Worms - Antarctica

Already a hand­ful of releases into their dis­co­gra­phy, we kinda know what to expect from a new Flat Worms record by now. Howe­ver, that doesn't mean they're stan­ding still exac­tly. Rather, with every new release they mana­ged to focus on and expand upon a cer­tain facet of their garage-, psy­che­de­lic- and fuzz punk sound, kee­ping things fresh and inte­res­ting at all times. This time, record­ing with Steve Albini at Elec­tri­cal Audio, the result does not only show Albini's trade­mark sonic cha­rac­te­ris­tics, but also their over­all sound seems to embrace some of his legacy as a pro­du­cer audio engi­neer, vee­ring into a dis­tinc­tly noise rock/​postcore direc­tion that, once again, was always subtly pre­sent on their pre­vious records but never as much on dis­play as here and might be com­pa­red to con­tem­porary bands like Meat Wave, Metz or USA Nails. Other small but plea­sant sur­pri­ses come in the form of the title track - a garage jam you could almost describe as rela­xed - as well as the 90s indie rock vibes in Mar­ket Forces.