Knowso - Psychological Garden

Cleve­land, Ohio's Knowso already had 7"s out on both Total Punk and Neck Chop Records in the past, which kind of amounts to the ulti­mate seal of qua­lity in today's garage land­s­cape. Their newest EP con­tiues all the good­ness and care­fully bran­ches out from there. At times they remind of a mix bet­ween Nag, more recent Useless Eaters and Con­stant Mon­grel. Other times i can draw par­al­lels to the weirdo post punk of Patti or the unruly noise-/ga­rage hybrids of Brandy and Hash Redac­tor - boi­led down to their bare ske­le­ton. Also, Tur­ning Point has some Wire thing going on and you know that kind of shit will always be appre­cia­ted here.