Donors - Donors

Now this one's a curious beast. Nash­ville group Donors already won my atten­tion two years ago with their first EP and a some­what more con­ven­tio­nal mix of garage- and post punk, but this is a dif­fe­rent level of weird­ness altog­e­ther, as they infuse their sound with increa­sing amounts of dis­so­nant no wave havoc and proto noise rock á la Flip­per, No Trend. What in the world could i com­pare this stuff to? Tyvek or Con­stant Mon­grel reim­a­gi­ned as a no wave act? Spray Paint as a garage band? I'm not ent­i­rely sure what they actually set out to do but there's no doubt they're suc­cee­ding with fly­ing colors. Just when you thought you made sense of the whole thing, the clo­sing track Fine Print mana­ges to sur­prise once again by adding some Haun­ted Hor­ses-style indus­trial fla­vor to the mix.